Hoose Reports from Delaware Bay

This report came via email from author Phillip Hoose who is on Delaware Bay banding shorebirds and hoping to spot B95, the subject of his award-winning book, Moonbird: A Year on the Wind with the Great Survivor B95.

“Two young Quebecois biologists—Yann Rochepault and Christophe Buidin– snapped these photos yesterday morning at Fortescue Beach on the Bay’s Jersey Side.

B95 Christophe Buidin

‘It seems like B95 is continuing his publicity tour!’ said Charles Duncan of the Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences.

I was there yesterday; I missed B95 by about an hour.   He has made four appearances now, on three different beaches.   All who have seen him—five folks in all—comment that he looks great; in good plumage, already getting chunky, and vigorous in feeding.   His breeding plumage is part-way in.   He arrived early this year, as did many birds.

B95 Yann RochepaultFive key crab spawning beaches were completely restored from the work of Sandy—a local coalition of private and public entities raised 1.4 million and purchased 35,000 cubic yards of sand from a local mine.  They trucked it in hundreds of loads and finished spreading it just before the crabs began to spawn in late April.   It worked beautifully:  all five beaches are well used by spawning crabs now.   Theres a feeling of optimism down there this year, despite roadways narrowed by towering heaps of sand, and Katrina-like destruction of beach houses.  B95, who keeps returning no matter what, is a great symbol of hope.”

Let Flood Tide Run

IM PH Penguin 1209“When I know I’ve found a story to tell I let the flood tide run in me for a day or so and just let myself be soaked with love for the idea. In those dawning hours I’m blindly in love with the idea…Then I sleep on it. I try to put it away for a little bit…I am so excitable that I know I need a day. If my idea can survive those stages, I explore it with all I have.” -Phil Hoose

From the fantastic article in Horn Book, “Narrative Nonfiction: Kicking Ass at Last” by ELIZABETH PARTRIDGE.

Moonbird Installation

Jan Eckardt Butler, art teacher and life-long birder, shared this astounding art installation by 4th and 5th graders at Holland Hall School in Tulsa, OK.

Inspired by Moonbird, these beautifully painted rufa red knots seek pearls of horseshoe crab eggs under the paper sand. This is education at its best.

Moonbird Speaks

moonbird-tbNow you can migrate while Moonbird migrates.

Moonbird has been release on audio from Brilliance Audio.  Here is what AudioFile Magazine had to say about the production:

“B95 has many champions, including Hoose himself, whose impassioned narration often reveals a genuine sense of awe at B95′s endurance despite significant ongoing changes to its ecosystem.” –AudioFile Magazine

Band for the Birds

Professor Ernie Bond of Salisbury University declared this combo of authors Olivia Bouler and Phillip Hoose, the “best band to ever play for the birds!” at the Green Earth Book Awards.

Bouler & Hoose at Green Earth Book Awards

Bouler & Hoose at Green Earth Book Awards

Readers and bird lovers should locate a copy of the wonderful conservation title by Olivia Bouler, Olivia’s Birds: Saving the Gulf and follow her on Facebook.

51DMxkLboQL._SX225_Olivia wept when she heard about the oil spill in the Gulf Coast, a place where she spent many vacations with her cousins and grandparents who live in Louisiana and Alabama. Knowing birds were going to suffer during migration and nesting season, she decided to take action. Olivia gave bird drawings to those who donated to wildlife recovery efforts, thus raising $200,000 to date.

Her story has appeared on the Today Show, CBS Evening News, Mobile Press Register, The Guardian (UK), BBC, AOL News, Newsday, USA Today, and Larry King Live. Her children’s book, Olivia’s Birds, was released for the one year anniversary of the oil spill.

Olivia has been named 2010 ASPCA Kid of the Year, Audubon Artist Inspiring Conservation, Disney Friend For Change, Dale Earnhardt Legend of Leadership, and A White House Champion of Change.

Olivia’s Birds: Saving the Gulf and Phillip Hoose’s Moonbird were both honored at the recent Green Earth Book Awards.

Moonbird by Proxy

image011Marvelous blogger Barb Middleton of Reading Rumpus Book Reviews‘s husband read Moonbird by proxy.

“This expository text is so engaging that I kept spitting out facts to my husband as I was being wowed by this tiny creature that performs feats that don’t seem possible. Did you know that this bird eats 14 times it’s weight and manages to fly? Did you know in 2009 scientists invented geolocators so lightweight and small that they can track bird migration? Did you know that horseshoe crab blood is used to make sure medical equipment is sterilized? Did you know… the poor guy won’t have to read the book after me being a chatterbox of nonstop facts through 120 pages…”

Thanks to Barb for reading and posting such an awesome review and thanks to her husband for getting the B95 report via the “chatterbox.”